D&D Scenery

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D&D Scenery You’ll Love

Here at Epoch Tiles, we can bring your imagination to life with our custom-designed terrain making it easy to remember that pesky mimic hiding in the shadows or the rugged terrain to avoid. Whatever the circumstances, our tiles help build a world of your creation with highly engaging scenarios making each encounter a new and fun experience. 

Epoch Tiles Compatible with Miniature Scenery

Creating a terrain and battle map is essential to building and visualizing an encounter. Knowing whether you’re in a desert, a swamp, a dense forest, or a cave, the scenery around you can make a massive impact on what you do next. Our product list includes:

  • 2×2 tiles 
  • Inner walls with a hinge
  • Pine Trees 
  • Spell Circles
  • Castle Pillars 
  • Temple Pillar 
  • Crystals 
  • Ritual Stones
  • Canopy trees 
  • Inner Walls 
  • Cactuses 
  • Desert rocks 
  • Obelisks 
  • Stalagmites 

Our diverse list of miniature scenery is designed to visualize and accommodate all types of encounters to create the best terrain you can imagine. 

Specialized Epoch Tile Scatter Terrain – Tabletop Scenery That Changes the Game

Scatter terrain changes the game for the better. By incorporating scatter terrain into your game of D&D, you gain the ability to have encounters on multiple types of terrain. For example, you can have your player characters looking up at a cliff above them where a dragon is perched guarding the cliffside tomb your characters need to reach. Or a battle against Lizardfolk on a stretch of conjoined islands where the sea covers parts of the sandy beach floor, creating difficult terrain as you wade through the water to another part of the conjoined islands. Below you’ll learn how to make this all possible. 

Stunningly Detailed D&D Scenery

Unlink your terrain with endless possibilities of walls, tiles, and detailed scenery. We make it easy to traverse through different landscapes. Take your party through ancient desert ruins half covered in sand, mountains of black rock with pits of lava, and oceans of water waiting to set sail. Our extensive library of custom pieces will bring your adventure to life. Give your D&D world the terrain it deserves. 

Unforgettable D&D Dungeon Dressings

Dungeon dressings are what make building a great environment possible. We have a comprehensive list of dressings to choose from, like double-sided walls for that immersive 3D feel to the unstable stalagmites hanging from the cave ceiling. There’s a whole boatload of dressings to choose from that are made to last. 

High-Quality Construction

Setting up these terrain designs can seem like a huge hassle and time-consuming. At Epoch Tiles, we make it easy to set up and disassemble terrain in a matter of minutes with our double-sided magnetic designs. With no fussy clips or tin trays to limit the player area, you’re left with numerous flexible options for your game. These tiles link to each other like magnets on a fridge; they’re easy to stick together and come apart. 

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