D&D Tiles

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The Best Terrain Tiles Available

We have the best terrain tiles on the market. Start your creative journey now to build the fantasy world of your imagination with these terrain tiles:

Themed Tiles

  • Hidden Temple
  • Ancient Woodlands
  • Endless Sands
  • Crystal Caverns

Texture Options

  • Grass
  • Castle
  • Sand
  • Water
  • Stone

The Epoch Tiles Difference – Modular Dungeon Tiles That Change the Game

We create our tiles with easy accessibility and quality in mind. Standard sets and pieces get cluttered and make cleaning up a nightmare. Epoch Modular dungeon tiles are designed for simple building and clean-up. Below are a few features that helped us accomplish this. 

Double Sided-Tiles

Double sided-tiles really help immerse the players in the environment they create. Because both sides of the tile are the same, having two-sided walls allows DM’s to create settings with branching pathways or multiple rooms to explore and really ignites your player’s curiosity about what they can choose to discover next. 

Magnetic Connection

Our tiles are lightweight with an interchangeable design, making set up and take down simple. No tin trays or slippery clips, just terrain capable of building itself. No need to worry about small pieces dropping on the floor and bouncing into the void, never to be seen again. Pulling apart these magnets is like a walk in the park. 

Create Any TTRPG Setting

Embark on an adventure anywhere at any time, whether you’re hosting or moving around locations; our tiles are perfect for traveling in any condition. Our dynamic terrain solution is suited for any tabletop game that works with the standard 25mm grid scale. 

Order Your D&D Tile and Wall Set Today

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