about us

The team at Epochscapes loves Dungeons & Dragons and has been playing for years. Brad and Bryan have played it since they were wee lads, just like those four kids on Stranger Things. 3D terrain didn’t exist yet, so they played with pencils and graph paper. Bryan’s wizard was a literal square. The Theater of the Mind was just the beginning – they needed to get it into reality. Epoch Tiles is that reality. It’s giving players & GM’s infinite possibilities packed into each moment of their game. They want 3D terrain to give maximum fun for all TTRPG players, whether in a single-night campaign or a years-long Epoch.

About Brad Duffin

CEO & DnD Player for 25+ Years

The older brother of Bryan, who got everything started. He would also be a wizard if magic was real. Or maybe a rogue. A rogue/wizard, perhaps? Brad was the initial brain behind Epoch Tiles. He loves – you guessed it – TTRPG’s, and wants to make them Epic for everyone. He’s an avid reader of fantasy books, and collects signed copies of them like the Collector from Marvel Comics also collects things.

About Bryan Duffin

CMO & DnD Player for 20+ Years

Thinks of himself as a wizard, even though magic isn’t real. If it was though, he’d be a wizard. He started playing TTRPG’s when his age was still a single-digit and has never stopped. He lives with his wife, three children, and a wolf-husky named Link. He will never turn down a Mountain Dew or a pizza.

Alex King

About Alex King

CXO & DnD Player

Alex has been playing video games since he can remember. Although he’s only been playing TTRPGs, specifically, for a few years now, to say he’s committed would be an understatement. He plays as often as he can and particularly enjoys his Barbalidan (Smites for days!). He and his wife, will soon be welcoming their first-born daughter, who will need to receive the stamp of approval from their fur-born son (Border Collie named Sullivan).